About the Company






Senavera Specialty Products, LLC is a limited liability company that was organized in the state of Tennessee in 2008.  My vision for starting the company was to ultimately grow a multi-divisional business with each  division offering quality products and services in its own specialty area under the Senavera brand.   

The Company has a strong history of dedicated customer service.  Our  philosophy for doing business is best summarized in the company's mission statement:

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality products at reasonable prices along with fast, courteous and reliable service and to give back generously to our community with our time and financial resources and, most importantly to honor God with clean hands and a pure heart in all that we do.

Our primary goal is to ensure that each customer has a pleasurable shopping experience with us each and every time they shop.  In addition to dedicated customer service,  the company is committed to giving back to our community. 



William A. Payne

Managing Member